The Lock Shop Answered

outside and inside of the lock shop with keys, safes and locks

The Lock Shop Questions and Answers Locksmiths are often thought of as one-and-done operations but these invaluable services keep your home and business safe for the long term. Since 1945, Floyd Lock & Safe has provided traditional locksmithing products and services, taking pride in our work and concern for your safety. We journeyed into alarm…

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How a Master Key System Works and Benefits Your Business

person unlocking door with master key

A master key system is a hierarchy of keys made up of two or more locks that have some form of common relationship with each other. Locks operate as you would expect but, what makes a master key system unique is how the locks are pinned (the process of determining which keys will be accepted). Once you’ve determined which keys work in the lock, the keys are cut and distributed accordingly.

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Prevent Your Home or Business Keys from Being Copied

various keys for key control

Have you ever lost keys or had them stolen? Were you asked to provide keys to contractors, neighbors, housekeepers, or dog walkers? When moving into a new home, do you always change your locks? Do you have tenant or employee turnover? If you answered yes to any of the above, this blog is for you.

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Locked Out of Your House? Here’s What to Do

key hidden under rock outdoors

Locked Out of Your House? Here’s What to Do Almost everyone has felt the feeling in the pit of their stomach when they realized they were locked outside their house. It always takes a few seconds to admit to yourself what happened as you pat your pockets, retraces your steps, and think, though improbable, that…

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The Top Places Burglars Know You Hide Your Keys

person breaking into house that is dark with all blinds on doors and windows shuttered

It’s common practice for Bloomington homeowners to leave a spare key hidden somewhere on their property. This gives them the benefit of still gaining access to their home when they’ve forgotten their normal key or have accidentally locked themselves outside. In some cases, it also provides entry to the home to non-residents who still need…

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5 Signs Your Home is an Easy Target for Burglars

man in dark home with curtains drawn, holding a flashlight pointing at a wallet and phone on a table in the foreground

5 Signs Your Home is an Easy Target for Burglars Safety is best described as a habit. When you instinctively look both ways before crossing the street or, without thought, plug in your seatbelt before driving, you’re engaging in the type of repeatable behaviors that increase your safety. Far too often, though, our habits can…

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3 Ways to Drastically Improve Your Front Door’s Security

The front door is typically the first place that criminals look when trying to break in. To keep valuable equipment, electronic devices and inventory secure, business owners should pay attention to front door security. Homeowners can also enjoy better security by taking important steps to strengthen the front door. This can keep families safe and…

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Secure your home with Medeco Maxum Security Deadbolt Locks


Your home may be your castle, but chances are that you don’t have a moat! Fortunately, you can effectively secure your home and protect your family and belongings with a Medeco Maxum Security Deadbolt. Security experts recommend using a deadbolt in conjunction with a traditional locking knob or lever on every exterior door to prevent malicious entry…

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Maxum Deadbolt- Medeco

Medeco M4

If you are looking to only keep your door shut than a regular deadbolt from a big box store like Home Depot or Menards will suffice. If you would like to keep people out of your home when they are not wanted, then you need to call Floyd Lock & Safe. Our lock technicians will set you up…

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Improve Your Home Security with These Tips


Change Your Locks It is important to change your locks when you move into a new home. You never know who had previous access to the home before you moved in. You should also rekey your locks if you lose your keys. We recommends replacing your locks with Medeco high-security locks for maximum home security.…

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Choose Us to Protect Your Business

Man in business suit tapping phone against a door security panel

Businesses generally have a lot to lose.  Most people resort to a security system after something happens. If you want to significantly lower the chance of losing valuables, we recommends having a professionally installed and monitored security system within your building of operations. The security system can be set up for individual users to have their…

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