Security System Integration Solutions: Why Your Business Depends on it

If you have taken the time to build your successful business, it is just as important to take the time to keep it protected. Security systems have come a long way, and business owners can have peace of mind like never before. Several different security solutions are available, many with the ability to combine several different types of security. The best Minneapolis security companies will have a commercial locksmith that can help guide you through the process of choosing between the variety of traditional and electronic lock systems available today.

Traditional Locks

Before other options became available, most businesses were secured with only traditional locks, and this was enough to deter anything that would reduce the security of the business. Although traditional locks are still available, they are often combined with other security measures. Additionally, traditional locks that still use keys can often be rekeyed in the case of lost or stolen keys instead of changing out the lock completely.

High-Security Locks

In cases when a business needs higher security locks, but the owner still prefers traditional keys, some high-security lock installation options are available. These locks take traditional locks to the next level, including the prevention of key duplication unless the person requesting the duplication is on a secured list. Many businesses use some form of deadbolt as added lock security on doors. The Medeco brand eCylinder is an example of higher security locks combined with key duplication restrictions. Current deadbolt locks can be switched out to the Medeco eCylinder without replacing the entire system.

Wireless Access Control Systems

Access is only one part of the overall security picture for your business. Tracking who is accessing the business can give you an overview of how secure your business truly is and provides a record of access if needed for any issues that arise. Wireless access control systems can be activated or locked down as needed. Access control can come in the form of fobs, key cards, or keys, and different levels of access can be assigned to different individuals for true customization. The combination of traditional and modern access control often works best with most businesses.

Installation and Commercial Locksmith Services

Minneapolis Security companies typically provide installation services with their products and have commercial locksmiths on hand during the setup process as well as soon after to make sure everything is up and running as intended. These locksmiths walk you through the operation process of your new product to make sure you are able to perform all of the functionality of your locks and systems once they are installed. If you choose an option for limited key duplication, the installer can make sure the correct individuals are on the access list.

Service and Technical Support

If needs change or any part of your system doesn’t seem to be functioning properly, make sure your security company provides ongoing service and technical support. As technology advances, it is a good idea to periodically make sure to ask if the products that become available would work well with your business needs. Whether you want to stay with traditional locks or want the most advanced access system possible, ongoing support can help make sure your security needs are continuously being met.

Protect Your Business

If you are opening a new business and are researching Minneapolis security companies to provide protection or if you are already in operation and are looking for upgraded solutions, contact Floyd Lock & Safe today to find out which security options will work best with your business needs. Our team of technicians and commercial locksmith services can provide the protection and peace of mind you need to keep your business safe and secure.

Image Credit: Shutterstock/MaximP