Home Security Myths and Facts

Common myths and excuses for not having a home security system

Why You Need a Home Security System

When a burglar or home innovator decides that your home is on the list of stops for the night you put a lot of important things at risk, including your loved ones, valuable belongings, and even your pets. The thing is, you never know when that night will come. It’s time to be prepared.

Although Floyd Total Security offers FREE in-home security consultations,  something a salesperson cannot pitch you is that a security system can be much more useful to a family than you think. The system can keep you and many others safe from harm. With the proper training on the part of the homeowners your home security system will be an effective screen against criminals and many other undesirable elements.

Common Excuses for Not Having an Alarm System

“Home security is too expensive for the average homeowner.”

– You can get a Per Mar Security system at a reasonable price installed.

“We live in a safe neighborhood with a low crime rate. Nothing will happen to us or our family.”

– Sometimes this can make you an even bigger target.

“I have a big dog who will protect the house.”

– Most burglars are prepared to encounter dogs, this security measure could even put your dog’s life at risk.

“We own a couple of guns, guns will do more damage than any home alarm system.”

– Most intruders will come when you are not home. Meaning your gun will still be sitting in the gun cabinet.

“Insurance will cover the cost of anything that was stolen.”

– You will need a police report or proof of a break in to get your items reimbursed. Per Mar Security Services are recognized by insurance companies that offer up to 20% off insurance cost with a home security system.