7 Effective Commercial Security System Options to Protect Your Business

Keeping your business healthy means protecting its assets from theft. We’re not just talking about cash stored in registers. Customer data, financial records, computers, and product inventory all have significant value. Whether you run a small business or a large corporation with multiple store locations, security should be a top priority. Here are seven essential commercial security systems for keeping your business location safe and protected.

1. High-Definition Video Surveillance

Video surveillance systems are a key part of keeping tabs on your business operations. For example, CCTV setups allow onsite security personnel to watch any areas of your business that are vulnerable to shoplifting or theft. High-definition monitors display numerous camera images simultaneously and with incredible detail, making it easy for you to keep an eye on the entire store from a single workstation.

Another advantage of a high-quality surveillance system is that it stores video logs to analyze later. If you discover theft after the fact, this type of security helps you identify the individual or individuals responsible. Thanks to HD video, you can clearly see important facial features and other details.

2. Remote Camera Solutions

Cloud-based business security systems are a business owner’s dream come true. These high-tech solutions tie your video cameras together online and let you access live feeds from anywhere. Whether you’re on the road for a business conference or eating lunch at home, you can still keep an eye on the office.

For small businesses, this feature gives you more control over day-to-day operations. If one of your employees calls you to tell you about something that seems fishy, you can check out the situation immediately and give instructions to your personnel. In fact, the benefits of IP video go beyond building security. With online access to video cameras, you’re no longer limited to running things from behind your desk. Go where you need to go to grow your business while effectively organizing your employees remotely.

IP video systems are especially powerful when paired with other security options, such as 24/7 monitoring, alarms and environmental sensors. For example, you may be at home sleeping when an intrusion alarm goes off at your place of business. Instead of having to put on your clothes and drive all the way to the office, you can simply open an app on your smartphone and see what’s happening in real-time. If there’s an ongoing break-in, you can contact law enforcement.

3. High-Tech Access Control

The days of normal keys for access security are coming to an end. It’s just too easy for one of your employees to lose a key and risk a major vulnerability. With state-of-the-art keyless technology, you can take access control to the next level.

Some commercial access systems use key cards and proximity sensors. Many cutting-edge systems take advantage of smartphone apps to grant access. This can be useful for tracking employee movements and making sure personnel only go where they’re supposed to. Large businesses that need to prevent data theft and corporate espionage benefit a lot from this kind of tracking.

The best part of upgrading business security systems is that it gives you a level of control never imaginable before. Here are just a few actions you can take with a few simple commands from your mobile device:

  • Open door locks remotely
  • Cancel access authority instantly
  • Set different security levels for building areas
  • Create temporary access permissions for visitors
  • Deactivate building access after certain times

4. State-of-the-Art Alarm Systems

Alarms systems come equipped with a wide array of sensors. They can deter criminals, alert authorities, and let you know that something is going on at your place of business. Commercial security alarms offer many features, and the right solution depends on your budget and the threats present. Glass break detectors, window sensors, door sensors, and motion detectors can set off a loud alarm instantly.

Modern alarms are easy to program and hard to defeat. Some use keypads and codes for arming and disarming, while others let you modify settings from your mobile device. Time-controlled devices activate automatically at certain hours, so there’s no opportunity for human error.

5. High-Security Wired Locks

One of the main objectives of commercial security systems is keeping the wrong people out. During office hours, you may want to limit access to sensitive areas to authorized employees only. After hours, your business should be like a secure fortress that keeps criminals far away from your data and products.

Wired locks are hard to beat when it comes to pure durability and strength. They’re compatible with electromagnetic door locks and heavy-duty access points. Wired systems also offer a greater range for internet monitoring, so they’re a good fit for large industrial workspaces and small businesses alike. 

6. Live 24/7 Monitoring Services

You can take a do-it-yourself approach to security options or opt for all-inclusive packages that give you premium protection. Live monitoring is one of the best options available for business owners, but it also involves paying an extra fee. If your business is located in an area where crime frequently occurs, these services are usually an essential investment for safety and security.

Live monitoring relies on offsite professionals and constant computer-aided video analysis to watch your business 24/7. At the same time that a security expert watches camera feeds, high-tech software analyzes patterns and behaviors that are programmed to set off red flags. All of this makes it virtually impossible for criminals to get away with theft or break-ins undetected.

7. Integrated Commercial Security Systems

When choosing business security options, it’s often best to work with professionals that deliver custom solutions. Integrated security systems combine the best of wired and wireless locks, alarms, access terminals, and other features. This can save you money and provide better protection for specific areas. After all, the security needs of a loading dock are usually different than for a manager’s office.

While keeping your business safe often means protecting it against human threats, you also want to prevent property damage from fire and flooding. Any security package should also take into account smoke detectors, leak detectors, temperature sensors, and other measures for environmental protection. 

How to Select the Right Security Package for Your Business

How can you determine the best alarms, video cameras, and access control options? Here are a few factors that usually affect how much protection you need from business security systems:

  • Total number of doors
  • Building size
  • Single or multiple locations
  • Existing security vulnerabilities
  • Business site
  • Employee count

At Per Mar Security Services, we can help you pick the security features needed for maximum building protection from automated security options to in-depth protection that spans numerous buildings. Our professionals can work with your existing security hub, install state-of-the-art systems from scratch or upgrade specific areas. To learn more or schedule a free consultation, contact us right away.